FX “Archer” Season 3

FX “Archer” Renewed for Season 3

Cable Network “FX” President John Landgraf has renewed Spy Comedy Archer for its 3rd Season

Season 3

Archer  Season 3 will contain a total of 16 episodes, including a 3 Episode Special airing this year (late September), with the remaining 13 episodes airing in 2012.

Read This Special Interview with Archer Series Creator Adam Reed

Interview With Dr. Krieger Voice Actor Lucky Yates

Season 3 Plot Arch

Duchess, is missing. That’s Archer for those who are new to the series. With Archer missing “FX Network” have decided to treat the fans with a special 3 episode story arch that will clear everything up before the start of Season 3 in the new year. You can check out the Promos Video for this episode below

Season 2 Ratings

During Archer season 2 FX reported that Archer was pulling in an average of 1.09 million viewers, an excellent amount for a cable only adult cartoon. With 3 episodes still to air of season 2, the renewal signals FX has great confidence in Archer and hopefully it can expand its fan base and start to pull in higher viewing figures.

Watch Archer

Want to watch one of the best comedies on TV right now? Watch Archer episodes at FXnetworks. Want to see behind the scenes? Check out The voice of Pam on Xfinity plus other Archer Clips and Episodes.

Comic-Con Video Interview with Cast of “FX Archer”

Archer Season 3 Promo Video

With some fantastic banter during season 2 we feel its only right to share some Archer with you right now, Enjoy the Season 3 Promo Video.

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46 Responses

  1. [...] the End of Season 2 of Archer is nearly upon us. What a sad, sad, day. But not to worry because Archer Season 3 isn’t too far [...]

  2. Hopefully it’ll be funny this time.

  3. 2 words….. fricking hilarious

  4. I thought both seasons were amazingly funny. The only episode I didnt like was the movie star one.

  5. Seriously the best show that ever happened to TV.

  6. there are so many lines to quote from archer…it’s crazy funny

    • James Bond has got nothing on Archer.
      It’s the quotes that make the series what it is.

  7. That’s how you get ants!

  8. DANGERZONE!!!!!

  9. And yes, the A stands for Awesome

  10. RAMPAGE!!!

  11. “You are gonna eat so many spider webs.”
    “Very good sir.”

    This show is awesome!

  12. Any of you guys have any remorse for Cyril Figgis.

    The guy just gets bullied, works behind the desk and I think in one ep when their savings accounts all get cleaned out he had next to nothing compared to the other agents.


    Sterling Archer: [Archer shows Cyril a pen] This is what a real field agent uses.

    Cyril Figgis: Huh. Point’s a lot finer than what I prefer.

    Sterling Archer: That’s because it’s a hypodermic needle.

    Cyril Figgis: What?
    Sterling Archer: And the cartridge is full of a deadly supertoxin called poiso… caine.

    Cyril Figgis: [Archer puts pen in Cyril's pocket] Uh, hey whoa.

    Sterling Archer: Keep it in here. But be careful! The cap slips off for like no reason.

  13. one of the best shows i have ever seen. to the people that dont notice its humor… why dont you go watch barney? get a life

  14. oh…btw.. did i mention i actually have cancer! and i still think that episode is priceless.

  15. Beniot….Balls. Nailed it.

  16. Archer is awesome. Funny and profane. Why doesn’t FX do reruns during the summer? I’ve told friends/relatives about the show. I want a real life Lana.

  17. Do you want a 3rd series of Archer?

    Do you not?

  18. You’ve sown the winds and now you shall reap…the BARRY!

  19. just the tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. REGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. im from Malaysia, and i find this series profoundly hillarious

  22. [...] Read all the Latest and Greatest Details about FX “Archer” Season 3. [...]

  23. ” you obviously haven’t seen my movie, Terms of Enrampagement”

  24. Oh I had something for this.


  26. Archer: “So, can you put that in someone’s brain?”
    Krieger: “It’d suffocate… Oh you mean the microchip. Yeah”
    Archer: “Duh”

  27. “If you like the collar . . . you’ll love the cuffs.”

  28. Just watched new episode 1 word HILARIOUS!!! I Love this show.

  29. [...] the last 2 years “FX” has aired only one animated show, the outstanding Archer. But now Archer will be accompanied by the newly commissioned [...]

  30. [...] Archer Season 3 has just started to air and although fans didn’t get to see Dr. Krieger he is sure to return to the fold soon enough. In the meantime find out what the man behind DR. Krieger, Lucky Yates, had to say: [...]

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