“The Hangover” stole their plot from “The Simpsons”

What happens in Vegas also happens in Vegas.


The Hangover one of the funniest films to be released would bring a tear to any eye with a roar of laughter but wait hold up – The Simpsons one of the funniest TV Shows would bring a tear to any eye. Is that all they have in common? I think not.

Viva Ned Flanders 

This episode aired when Simpsons were arguably around in their prime, Viva Ned Flanders 10th Season 1999 has the striking similarities to the plot of the Hang Over.

  • Homer goes to Vegas.
  • They wake up married to Hookers.
  • There’s a tiger involved
  • Then there’s Drederick Tatum (Mike Tyson)

The Simpsons Hangover

Don’t believe us. Gave your eyes below.

It’s quite scary the resemblance but then again what else is there to do in Vegas. I’m sure Jon Lucas and  Scott Moore the writers of Hang Over have just fallen for what South Park calls Simpson’s Already Did It syndrome.

[via Memebase]

Simpson’s Did it!!

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