“The Boondocks” Season 4

The Boondocks Season 4 Confirmed

Boondocks Is Back In Production!

Cartoon Network have sensationally renewed popular cartoon series “The Boondocks” for its 4th Season.

Most Fans believed that Season 3 spelled the end for the show, especially after how the season ended. But in an incredible U-Turn Cartoon Network and Series creator Aaron McGruder will join forces again to bring us “The Boondocks” Season 4.

Season 3 Ratings

Season 3 was drawing upwards of 2 million viewers per episode and premiered to over 2.5 million viewers. In what has been a smash hit animated Comedy, “Boondocks” fans have not had it easy. Between Season 2 and 3 there was a 2 year hiatus. The show also won a Peabody award.

Comic-Con 2011 Holds The Answers

During Comic-Con 2011 Voice casting Director Andrea Romano spilled the beans on the return to production for Boondocks.When asked about Season 4 she had this to say:

They’re making new ones – I just got word they’re gonna make another season. Can you believe it? After all this time. It’s been out of production for almost two years…The line producer sent me an email and said ‘I believe it’s snowing in hell – do you know what that means?’ and I said, ‘Are we making more episodes?’ Because we all said ‘It’ll snow in hell before we make more,’ because we just never thought after that much time they would [make it]. But apparently there is a fanbase desire and I love the show. I love making the show.

There you have it, crack open that champagne and get celebrating. I’ll be glad to see Robert Freeman getting another glass of his daily Vitamin C, unfortunately no one knows when Boondocks Season 4 is going to air.

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Voice Actor John Witherspoon Confirms S4

John Witherspoon the voice of Grandad has also confirmed the production of Season 4. John also dropped the bombshell that instead of the 15 episodes per Season fans can expect 20 episodes in Season 4.

Now Boondocks has a 4th Season do you think it will Continue onto its 5th and 6th Season?

Check out the Video Below to See what “Grandad” had to say:

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  2. Siiick! Cannot wait! “I am the stone that the builder refused….”

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